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When we started our lessons program 8 years ago we were utterly discouraged by the poor condition most of the horses were in.  Everything from malnourishment, to foot diseases.  The frustrating part was that most often these started out as simple issues that stemmed from a lack of knowledge.


Owning a horse sounds like a lot of fun but it is very different from owning a dog or cat.  In reality, the bigger the animal the more work is involved to keep them healthy and happy.  It is our goal at SpiritHorse Horsemanship School to no longer see horses suffer due to negligence or ignorance.


The SHHS Path to Horse Ownership Program aims to provide new and potential horse buyers the knowledge and resources they need to properly care for their 4 legged friend.  

We can help you decide if a horse is affordable for you, what your budget should be, picking out a good horse for you, training, tack, and supply purchases, finding farrier and vet services.  Plus much much more.

Horse Ownership

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