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Horse Training

"The wise man builds his house upon a rock" Matthew 7:24     At SHHS we believe the key to a great horse is also a solid foundation. Each horse starts by learning respect under a soft but firm hand. They are taught how to respond to simple cues that we build upon once unsaddle.  We place importance on flexation and moving the horse off of our legs skills that are needed in everything from barrel racing to the performance arena to trail riding. 


Our training consists of roughly 30 days of intense groundwork and riding. Whether the horse is completely untrained, has had training followed by years of being a pasture pet or is a "new to you" horse that needs a tune-up the process is the same. We highly encourage you to come out and watch us train and even get involved.  all the training in the world will be useless if you don't have the skills to continue working with them. By the end of this basic training, you and your 4 legged companion will be ready to pursue any path.           

$800 - "30 day" training*  includes board 

* horses receive 30 days of riding and training, not 30 straight days.

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