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Horsemanship is the focus of every lesson at SpiritHorse. During the first lesson, students learn how to properly catch, groom and tack up their horse.  Ground safety skills are taught and reinforced to every student to ensure their time at the ranch is safe and fun.  In the saddle, we focus on control and balance to help the student progress in confidence and skill.  Lessons are once a week and last roughly an hour long.  Each lesson is very goal-oriented so it isn't unusual for us to go slightly over the hour to accomplish the objectives of that week's lesson.    

Every new student is asked to attend a 'meet and greet' prior to setting up a permanent lesson time,  This 'meet and greet'  is an opportunity to see where the ranch is located and what the training environment is like. It also allows us to get a feel for what level the student is beginning. 

Once students master the basic Horsemanship skills we then progress in the desired discipline.  We teach both English and Western styles of riding including jumping, playday events, performance, and Stock Horse.    

Riding Lessons

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