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Horses In Training



2019 Cremello Gelding

14'2" Hands

Talk about a late bloomer, this poor kid came to us as a rescue badly in need of foot care and proper nutrition. He is back on track but nearly a year behind his peers. He still has a good deal of filling out to do but his bone structure suggest he'll thicken out well. He already knows all of his ground skills, goes through obstacles and has carried a saddle and rider. His major training will begin this Spring and should be ready for his new home come Summer. 

Beduino's Little Lena - Aka Fawkes

2019 Sorrel AQHA Mare

14'3" Hands

Fawkes came to us a little shy but has really come around. She is now a bit of a pocket pony. She is smart and reactive and takes her confidence from the rider still. For her third ride in she is doing really well. There is still a long way to go but she has the cow sense and athleticism to make a great ranch prospect. Follow her training on our Facebook page and tiktok reels. Fawkes should be ready to make someone a great partner this Summer.


Little Smart Beduino - Aka Nova

2019 Grey AQHA Mare

14'3 Hands

Nova will go back into training this spring. She had her first saddle and ride last summer and has since then been set on the back burner to simply be caught for regular hoof care and vet work. Even the simple positive interactions have gone to show how much of a sponge this little mare is. She went from having to be roped to be caught in her small paddock to following you around in the pasture. She is curious and we look forward to seeing where this curiosity leads her. She should be ready Fall 2022.


2019 Dun Mare

14'2" Hands

Smart and quiet are two words that best describes this little mare. Built with long lean muscles, good conformation and wonderfully straight legs she is just learning how to put it all to work. She is the kinda horse that never forgets a thing no matter how long she sits. She is also super conscious of her feet comparable to a mule in this regard. She can be seen often in the middle of the horse hay feeder and then hops out with little effort never touching the ring. She is the first project of one of our junior trainers and we couldn't ask for a better first horse.  Beauty and Brains make us very excited to see where she goes. She will be preparing for the Texas 4H 3 year old futurity competition.  


Sold- Sky

2018 Grey Mare

14' Hands

It is ashamed this girl is grade because we are sure there is some great breeding in there. Short , stocky, and great conformation she travels with grace and lightness.  While she looks like a cow pony she has the potential to be a cute jumper as well. She is careful footed and watchful. Nothing much seems to rattle her and she has been very responsive in the side-pull and bosal. She likes to play a lot with the bit right now and looks quite silly doing it. She has proven herself to be safe and reliable enough to handle a young advanced rider at both western and english shows. 

Sky will be for sale in August 2022.  

FG Excellent Ego - aka Coco

2020 Sorrel Appaloosa Gelding

Currently 14'1 Hands

He made his debut at the Texas 4H Yearling in hand competition earning a 10th overall. This year he will be back at it unsaddle. As predicted he has taken to the saddle and riding like its just another day and after just a few weeks he has begun to muscle out well. He won't be terribly tall all said and done but he will be quite the beef cake. Coco is the 4th horse Micah has trained from the ground up and the effort and learning is really paying off. Loved by all who have ever met him, Coco will be a permanent resident of SpiritHorse Horsemanship School  


GS Peppy Lil River - aka River

2020 Bay AQHA Mare

Currently 14'3 Hands

River made her debut at the Texas 4H Yearling in hand competition. This year she will be back unsaddle. She took to the riding process with ease and far exceeded expectations for her first ride. River will be Jaydon's third full training project and he is doing a great job.  Jaydon has a different tactic in training and has introduced the saddle by itself and then the rider alone so far so good. With her ever increasing height and Jaydon's interest in jumping it is the hope that she will lend herself toward that end. As she can currently clear a 3 foot electric fence things are looking good.   River will be a permanent resident of SpiritHorse Horsemanship School