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Team Lessons

SHHS offers a unique experience for our most committed students of all ages to test their skills in a competition setting. English or Western, barrels or jumping we strive to make each show experience fun and educational.   

Kids 9-18 get an additional opportunity to compete in the local 4-H program.  4-H is the nation’s largest positive youth development and youth mentoring organization, empowering six million young people in the U.S.  We use the 4-H program to help build self-confidence through competition and community service.

Our team students are required to meet a minimum of 2 days a week, once for their formal lesson and at least once on their own to practice skills and maintain the condition and training of the horse.  Affectionately dubbed "barn rats" these students form relationships with both their horse and each other. While they are each others fiercest competition they are also each other's biggest fans.  Good sportsmanship is required. Horse friends are life long friends.  

$180 per month

$200 annual registration fee

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