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Natural Horsemanship is about teaching the rider to read the body language of the horse and then applying those cues to direct the horse.  Horses are not consistently gentle and meek they do occasionally bite and kick to get their point across.  Nor are they irrationally and emotional as people tend to be.  


Megan and Jeremiah Bowen have spent their entire lives learning to read the horse and then use this information to train them.  Good teachers are never closed-minded to being taught and likewise, the Bowen's believe we can always learn something new from respected instructors such as Clinton Anderson, Monty Roberts, and Charles Fletcher as well as others in the horsemanship field.  Their focus is on creating a well-rounded horse ready to proceed in any direction that the owner has in mind.

Horses learn faster when they have to think for themselves and are happier when they have a purpose in life. It is this philosophy that the Bowen's pass on to their students and other horse owners.  The methods and techniques that we use can be applied to a Thoroughbred or a pony and applied by a youth or adult, it makes no difference.  


Training Philosophy

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